Posted on December 03, 2016

The Health Control Section of Doha Municipality has initiated legal action against a sweets shop in new Doha area for the presence of large number of insects in the sweets preparation area and for exposing sweets to the unhygienic conditions.

The municipal inspectors also destroyed the sweets and threw them into the rubbish bin in the shop. The shop has been sealed till pest control exercise is undertaken to rid the shop of pests. The Food Control Unit of the Health Control Section at Doha Municipality has destroyed 370 kg of rotten imported dates at the Wholesale Market. The step was taken after the laboratory examination of the date samples showed that it was not safe for human consumption.

The inspectors from Health Control Section of Doha Municipality have detected a number of violations in some food outlets including a grocery in Old Airport area, another grocery in new Doha and a cafeteria in the Industrial Area. The violations included mainly having expired food items. Meanwhile, violation cases have also been registered against a supermarket in Freej Al Nasr for storing food items in the workers' accommodation; a hotel in Fereej bin Dirham for preparing food in unhygienic conditions and manipulating the expiry date and a new restaurant for having musty rice.

source: Qatar Tribune