Posted on October 23, 2011

Katara, the Cultural Village and Earth TV, which owns and operates the largest worldwide, fully remote-controlled broadcast camera network, today announced a new partnership to broadcast live impressions from Katara. Transmission is set to begin in early December of this year.

Earth TV camera

The partnership makes Doha the first capital city in the world to install three Earth TV cameras.

The aluminum-encased weather-proof cameras will be installed at three distinct locations across Katara’s 1,000,000 square meter campus.

On a day-by-day basis, Earth TV will capture and record activity producing broadcast quality recording. The motion-control cameras are fitted to pan, zoom and tilt providing international viewers with an engaging snapshot of life at Katara.

“Installing Earth TV cameras at Katara is a starting point for a long-standing partnership,” said Michael Maucher, CEO of Earth TV. “For the first time ever, viewers are able to travel around the world on television. We are extremely pleased to be adding Katara to our portfolio as we continue offering our viewers authentic and up-to-date programs covering the world’s major cultural hubs.”

AbdulRahman Al Khulaifi

As part of the agreement, Earth TV will produce program segments from Katara that will be transmitted to Earth TV’s Broadcast Centre while also be delivered to specific contractual broadcasting partners such as AlArabiya TV.

“Our partnership with Earth TV is a step in the right direction to showcase the best of Katara to the world every minute of the day and we are very excited that our two teams will be working closely together,” said AbdulRahman Al Khulaifi, President of Katara. “This strategic move allows us to further cement Katara’s position as a cultural hub connecting nations through the power of knowledge and arts.”

“For the past several months, the Katara team has been working extremely hard to ensure all our visitors enjoy Katara’s cultural events and festivals and installing the Earth TV cameras supports our efforts to showcase Katara to the outside world,” concluded Al Khulaifi.


Earth TV has over 70 cameras and air the World LIVE in 200 countries. There are only three other cities in the GCC with Earth TV cameras; they are Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat. The TV channel’s broadcasts reach more than two billion viewers daily. Footage from Katara will also be streamed on the village’s official website, EARTH TV will integrate Katara graphics and detailed information on the site, as well as incorporate upcoming and ongoing events into the program segments.

Earth TV is a German satellite television network which airs live broadcasts of camera streams from places all around the world. The TV has developed and is the exclusive owner of a patent protected remote controlled broadcast camera system. This includes a high performance television image broadcast and program production technology which allows the transmission of high quality broadcast images using international digital lines and TV stations.

Katara Amphitheatre