Posted on March 21, 2016

Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), wrapped up its Youth Challenge today with final presentations from nine ROTA Youth Service Clubs (RYSCs), sponsored by ExxonMobil Qatar. In its final stage, Youth Challenge provided an opportunity for 45 youth from nine RYSCs to exhibit their unique community service projects across Qatar to over 450 participants at ROTA’s 8th EMPOWER 2016 conference, which took place from 17-19 March 2016.

Prizes were awarded to six of ROTA’s Youth Service Clubs, and the winners were: The Field is yours, Fishless, La Tgeeb Al Eid, Go Blue from Al Bayan School, Our Hope, I Aspire. The contestants included: The Field is Yours, Go Blue from Al Bayan School, Count on Me, Top Shabab, La Tgeeb Al Eid, I Aspire, IQRAA, Fishless and Our Hope Clubs. The projects focused on issues from marine conservation and environmental awareness to sports, road safety, and social entrepreneurship.

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ROTA’s Youth Service Clubs (RYSCs) are a network of self-directed, extracurricular associations designed to unlock the potential of youth. Supported by the ROTA Qatar programme, the clubs provide a unique opportunity for young people across the nation to develop leadership skills and gain an understanding of international and community development issues, while offering practical experience to carry out creative projects that address local and global challenges.

Abdulla Al Bakri, Community Development Manager at ROTA said: “The Youth Challenge helps ROTA further advance the objectives of the Youth Clubs, which are designed to equip young people with proper education and training to become leaders. The Youth Challenge helps participants to chart their career paths, and prepares them to be qualified ambassadors for Qatar and ROTA in international, regional and local conventions such as the EMPOWER 2016 conference.”

"At ExxonMobil, we believe that one of the greatest contributions we can make in Qatar is to provide the energy to build human capacity. We work closely with our valued local partners, such as Reach Out To Asia, to invest in programs that do just this,” said Alistair Routledge, President and General Manager for ExxonMobil Qatar. "We hope that our joint investment in the Youth Service Clubs will energize youth to reach their full potential as innovators, entrepreneurs, future employers and global leaders.”

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"The work the young men and women of ROTA’s Youth Service Clubs have undertaken on behalf of the causes they support is truly commendable. I am honored for the opportunity to join Her Excellency Dr. Sheikha Aisha Al-Thani in presenting the winners of the Youth Challenge with their awards, and hope to see more and more youth involved in this fantastic mission over the next few years. We are inspired by all the club members, and proud to support ROTA’s successful Youth Service Clubs initiative,” he added.

The EMPOWER conference intends to create a platform for a larger number of students to learn and engage in ROTA’s youth national development programme in Qatar. In the first phase of the Youth Challenge, which kicked off last November, participants were divided into six groups of at least seven individuals, and were asked to introduce an idea for a community service project. The second stage of the challenge entailed the preparation and implementation of the project, which was presented to participants during the EMPOWER conference.

The ROTA Youth Service Club network is open to male and female students aged 16-26. In order to be eligible to take part, potential participants need to attend the annual RYSC Leadership Training session held in October each year.