Posted on August 17, 2013

Tenders are to be floated soon to install energy- and water-saving devices in mosques and government schools across the country to help rationalise and reduce the consumption of these resources. 

Once the new devices are in place, electricity and water consumption in mosques and government schools would drop 37 percent and four percent, respectively, Al Sharq reported yesterday.

Qatar Airways flies daily to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation, popularly known as Kahramaa, the local public utility, is busy coordinating with the Ministry of Environment to develop new technical standards and specifications for air conditioners, light bulbs and tubes and electrical appliances like washing machines so as to make sure that only energy-saving appliances and equipment are imported for use in the country, the daily said.

Also, there are plans to encourage the use of solar heaters in homes and commercial places in winter since that would help save electricity to a large extent.

source: The Peninsula