Posted on August 01, 2018

Department of English language in the Education Institute of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education issued its annual report which includes its achievements in the academic year 2017-2018. 

This comes as part of its pursuit to achieve the ministry's vision through providing a diverse learning opportunity for students and extending them with skills that prepare them for the university life, employment and provide them with language skills in English language.

According to a clear and targeted plan, the achievements of the department included reviewing and revising the English language standards in light of the overall educational framework in the country which is based on educational competencies, to match the revised standards of the English language globally. It also ensures that by the end of the 12th grade, students are able to pass standardised tests for university admission, including IELTS. In cooperation with one of the global companies, the department developed teaching sources based on high quality standards whilst ensuring that they do not conflict with Islamic values and Qatari traditions. The sources for the first term for the grades 1st to 10th grade have been completed.

Leader of English Language team at the Education Institute Sheikha al Rumaihi said the department works hard all year round to develop and improve work through professional development programs which directly reflects on the work quality of teachers, coordinators and academics in schools. The department also works on developing their performance and extends them with yearly plans and general guidelines, in addition to presenting 17 lessons for previewing with aim to exchange expertise between schools and offer best practices in teaching English writing skills for all stages, she added.

With regards to improving the students' results, the achievement included monitoring and analysing test results for periodic evaluations, following up treatment plans by the department supervisors and the supervision on video tutorials quality for all stages. These provide an explanation of methodological lessons which helps the students to improve their performance and ensures providing a supportive teaching source outside the school. In addition, the department held teaching workshops and non-classroom activities that enhance the students' English language as well as supervising the implementation of the French language in secondary schools, as an optional subject.

Rumaihi highlighted that during the academic year 2018-2019, the departments will focus on correctly applying the modernised English language sources and spreading awareness on it by holding training workshops and discussion panels with English department in schools.