Posted on March 03, 2014

Enterprise Qatar (EQ) announced the launch of "E’yada"; a service to provide unique consulting services subsidized by 70% of the total cost to struggling SMEs in the State of Qatar.

"E’yada," which translates “Clinic” in English, is a platform to provide specialized and technical advisory services to challenged SMEs. The service entails diagnosing problems, and developing plans addressing these problems in order to achieve development and sustainability of these SMEs, which constitute a major segment in the national economy.

“E’yada” shall ease SMEs' financial burden, as EQ covers 70% of the service cost while the applicants cover 30% of the cost.

Commenting on the launch of "E’yada”, Ali Khalid Al-Khulaifi, Acting CEO of Enterprise Qatar said “Enterprise Qatar was established to create a supportive business environment for SMEs in order to achieve sustainability, which is considered a key element of Qatar National Vision 2030. EQ also aims to promote the success of entrepreneurs and mitigate risks associated with the development of their business."

"E’yada will select 25 SMEs in 5 specific economic sectors including manufacturing, health services, ICT, tourism, and knowledge-based industries to support them during their first year", he added.

Qatar National Vision 2030 lies in the heart of EQ business, as it contributes to the achievement of this vision by supporting SMEs through multiple services and partnerships with a number of public agencies, financial institutions, private sector organizations, and public sector bodies.

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EQ services are unique; providing advisory services to entrepreneurs and SMEs owners, through specialized companies working under EQ supervision. These advisory services include technical, administrative, legal, logistical and financial recommendations which are distinctive and beneficial to existing and troubled businesses alike.

E’yada services are in the framework of EQ's "ISTESHARA Program” - one of the key consultancy programs specializing for SMEs and entrepreneurs, and providing a range of services in the past few months; such as initial feasibility studies and economic evaluation of business plans (JADWA), service for accounts management and annual audit (TADQEEQ) as well as a service which offers solutions relating to companies' legal frameworks, registration of intellectual property rights and trademarks (OQOOD). We will also be launching more services in the near future.

In parallel with this important and unique initiative, EQ is committed to the development of SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs through ISTESHARA program. It is also noteworthy that EQ has been successful in supporting 91 entrepreneurs and start-ups in the period from September 2013 to February 2014 through JADWA which produced 72 preliminary feasibility studies - ready to be funded and executed.

The investment portfolio value of feasibility studies to date is about QR120 million divided into four economic sectors: Information and communications technology (ICT), food and restaurants, services, and Industries. This is in addition to support of nineteen start-ups and entrepreneurs by providing multiple services, including management of accounts, annual audit, legal services, and trademark registration services.