Posted on March 06, 2020

Black-and-white photographs that cast light on Algerian people’s struggle against colonialism are on display at an exhibition which opened on Wednesday at Cultural Village Foundation (Katara).

Organised in line with the 58th anniversary of Algeria’s Victory Day, “The Historical Epic of the Algerian Struggle Against Colonialism” exhibition is presented by Katara in cooperation with the Algerian Embassy in Qatar.

Saif Saad Al Dosari, Director of Human Resources Department at Katara and Nasr Eddine Larabeh, Charge d’Affaires at the Algerian Embassy, led the launch of the two-week long exhibition at Katara Building 19. Addressing the opening event, the Algerian Chargé d’Affaires underlined the depth of relationship that exists between Qatar and Algeria in different fields at various levels. He stressed that the exhibition was significant as it falls within the commemoration of the Victory Day, which is considered the culmination of the struggle of the Algerian people for 132 years in order to gain freedom and independence.

He also noted the support given by Arab countries including Qatar during this significant period in Algeria’s history. The exhibition is divided into important periods in Algeria’s history covering the Algerian occupation and revolution extending from 1830 to 1954, then from 1954 to 1962. On show at the exhibition are a number of photographs dating back to the period capturing Algerian people’s struggles against the colonizers. Also featured are photos of the struggles of National Liberation Army and the important role Algerian women and children played during the revolution.

The Arab and international dimension of the Algerian revolution as well as sport and art during the revolution are also featured in a section in the exhibition. Among the notable images on show are photos of Emir Abdelkader, prominent Algerian Islamic scholar Abdelhamid ben Badis, the meeting of tribal leaders and scholars, and  various pictures of the Algerian struggle and the Mujahideen, that had a great role in the success of the Algerian revolution. The exhibition also showcases a set of Algerian publications on culture, urbanism and other fields providing visitors an idea of Algeria’s history and its current state of affairs.

The Algerian Embassy and Katara has had strong partnership with the latter hosting exhibitions and performances in the past featuring Algeria and Algerian artists. The exhibition open for public viewing at Building 19 until March 17.

source: The Peninsula