Posted on May 22, 2017

IDAM, Michelin starred chef Alain Ducasse’s award-winning restaurant located on the top floor of the iconic Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), is offering the local community the opportunity to experience an enchanting Arabian culinary journey this Ramadan. 

A menu of colourful palettes and captivating aromas has been developed as part of IDAM’s annual tradition to create a specially designed selection of fine food to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. The flavourful three course Iftar menu includes a selection of fresh mezze, two main course dishes from the finest local produce and an assortment of desserts that include contemporary signatures with Arabian twists. The variety on offer allows guests to experience the rich textures of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern mezze, exotic Moroccan soups and luxurious Iranian desserts.

Damien Leroux, Executive Chef at IDAM said: “At IDAM, we aim to create memorable moments for our guests by offering them an experience that is out of the ordinary through having them take a journey in our enchanted world of fine culinary. Our Iftar experience is a showcase of our generosity and hospitality, that is ceremoniously served on our guests’ tables.” In addition to the fine food, the staff at IDAM worked alongside Damien Leroux to craft an exquisite selection of juices that utilise local flavours such as fresh chamomile, rosemary, spices and fruits.

IDAM, Alain Ducasse’s first restaurant in the Middle East, will launch in the months to come an exclusive outdoor terrace extending out from the restaurant’s 5th floor location at the heart of MIA. The space will come complete with an open dining area designed by Philippe Starck and unmatched sea views of the Doha skyline.