Posted on January 11, 2019

There is a need to create a special entity in the country for waste management and treatment, a number of experts have suggested to local Arabic daily Arrayah. There should be separate sections for treating chemical waste, electronic waste, construction waste and other types of waste and refuse materials, as there are at least six different types of wastes produced, totalling around 20mn tonnes a day.

A waste management plan prepared in 2011 is still under review by the entities concerned, an expert recalled. Accordingly, there is a need to establish more recycling plants in partnership with the private sector. There are currently only two recycling companies that work on the Rawdat Rashid landfill area. They are estimated to be handling around 5% of the accumulated waste while the remaining waste, amounting to millions of tonnes require several more companies to recycle. "Such huge quantities of waste would increase day after day creating bigger issues if not timely addressed," another expert stressed. 

Dr Mohamed Saif al-Kuwari, director of the Environmental and Municipal Studies Institute, at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, said: “In 2010, we conducted the first official research on the issue of construction waste and its recycling and how to benefit from them at the state projects. In 2014, we conducted another research on the solid rocks in the desert and how to benefit by recycling them. There are five other related research projects published in some of the major international specialized magazines.” He pointed out that the private sector could play a major role in treating and recycling various types of waste and benefit from them economically.

Dr Saif Ali al-Hajari, a leading environmental campaigner and expert said that the private sector should be encouraged to invest in the recycling projects under state regulation and supervision. Strict control should be maintained as well to avoid any potential abuses of the environment, he added.

source: Gulf Times