Posted on March 21, 2019

Free-roam, epic scale, multiplayer virtual reality entertainment this is “Zero Latency.” Zero Latency is the ultimate gaming experience, they take you inside the game, where your body is the controller and your mind believes it is real. In short, it will blow your mind!

The past one year has witnessed massive global growth in Free Roam Virtual Reality (FRVR). For gamers who grew up wishing they could be right in the thick of action instead of being stuck behind a controller, Zero Latency is a dream come true.

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To their credit, Zero Latency takes pride in pioneering the concept of Free Roaming (where you get to walk in the virtual world without cords or wires). Zero Latency was born out of a dream to create a new form of entertainment. Founder Tim Ruse (CEO) & Scott Vandonkelaar (CTO) started working on the first ever FRVR prototype in 2012 in Scott’s garage. The prototype was unleashed on an unsuspecting public at Pause Fest 2014, a digital innovation conference in Melbourne, Australia. Since then its been a roaring success with wait times of up to 6 weeks!

Fast forward to 2019 and we see the virtual reality space thriving all over the world. Today Zero Latency is not just a pioneer in the space but is also the irrefutable global leader, with more than 500,000 game plays over 29 Zero Latency venues operating across 5 continents including America (8 locations), Mexico, Japan (2 locations), United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Spain, Portugal and Australia (2 locations). Zero Latency chose Qatar as the first country in the Middle East to launch. It recognized that Qatari’s have the same pioneering spirit and willingness to try new activities as the perfect place to bring the Next Generation of Virtual Reality. Zero Latency is reviving social gaming, taking players out of their homes and bringing them together in an exciting new world experience.

A gamer’s paradise

Zero Latency’s concept is deeply immersive, offering visitors a video gaming experience enhanced with world leading free-roam virtual reality. Equipped with virtual reality headsets, headphones, military-styled backpacks and state of the art controllers, players move freely around an empty space: but what they see and hear is a hyper realistic, virtually-generated world, where all their movements are replicated in game. Players can talk, strategize and banter with their friends in games designed for groups of friends, parties, families or individual gamers.

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The true pioneer of Free Roam Virtual Reality

Free Roam VR tricks the brain and gives you that heightened sense of presence, the feeling that you are actually there, through the act of walking. Having friends with you adds to this sense of immersion. The FRVR set up allows you to play in large open spaces (200m2 / 2152 sq ft. on average). Zero Latency’s creative canvas allows for up to 8 simultaneous players, letting them explore a library of immersive content at the push of a button. Players feel like they are exploring a basement, fighting through alleyways, crossing bridges and even evacuating via helicopter.The quality of Zero Latency's graphics is top-notch, with smooth frame-rates and vivid visuals, making the VR experience lag-free and tolerable to those who might fear motion sickness.

The core customer are millennials 21 to 40 years of age, however Zero Latency is suitable for everyone looking for a new and exciting experience to enjoy with friends, family, & colleagues.

As Doran Davies, CEO of Zero Latency in the Middle East, asserts “There is nothing in the world that compares to our experience right now and our new venue in Doha will sit squarely at the intersection of social gaming, virtual reality and advanced technology. Our ‘Next Generation VR Gaming Center’ will offer Doha residents the perfect space for friends and family to experience virtual reality entertainment and games like never before.” This is just the start… going ahead, Zero Latency plans to have at least 100 sites opened by the end of 2020.

This is virtual reality that you just have to play to believe! Try it at Zero Latency, Tawar Mall, Doha it’s an experience you’ll want to do again and again….