Posted on September 20, 2017

More than 40 female students from Doha-based universities have been honored at an event held by ExxonMobil Qatar earlier this week. The annual event is part of the company’s efforts to promote human and educational development by providing opportunities for learning.

This year’s event was held at ExxonMobil Qatar’s headquarters and included students currently sponsored by the company, as well as graduate students.

ExxonMobil Qatar student program offers internship and sponsorship opportunities to students from local universities each year, providing significant prospects for learning and growth. These opportunities give students the advantage of developing practical skills, which will enhance their future careers and bridge the gap between formal education and practical work experience. Students also gain oil and gas industry knowledge first hand from an organization such as ExxonMobil Qatar, and increase their awareness of the industry as a key driver for promoting economic growth in Qatar and globally.

Abdullatif Al-Naemi, ExxonMobil Qatar’s Head of Human Resources, expressed his pleasure for honoring yet another group that has become part of the company’s student network by saying, “We are delighted to honor these exceptional students at our recognition ceremony today. At ExxonMobil, we invest in educational development programs that help prepare students and put them on a positive path to thrive in the workplace. Future work environments will require more engineers, creative thinkers, and innovators with multidisciplinary mindsets and it is critical that we prepare tomorrow’s workforce for these environments today.”

“We want to help develop individuals with critical thinking skills, who have the ability to work in a team, and above all else, who have real-world experience in their field. This skill set is necessary if we are to create the knowledge-based society His Highness The Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani (pictured) envisions for Qatar, and that ExxonMobil is committed to helping achieve,” added Al-Naemi.

“We give students the opportunity to take part in our programs because we want them to have an unforgettable learning experience in a professional environment. They are able to participate in multiple tasks, and are given the hands-on training and feedback that empower them to leave their program with the confidence to tackle challenges when they are employed,” said Engineer Aisha Ahmad Abdulla, Senior Business Analyst at ExxonMobil Qatar and a member of University Liaison Committee at ExxonMobil Qatar.

“By providing innovative student sponsorship and internship programs that embrace a diverse group of students, we’re hoping to enhance the competencies that will help achieve successful outcomes for Qatar and its sustainable future. This is an exceptional group of young women with huge potential for promoting economic progress – I wish them a bright future,” she added.

ExxonMobil Qatar continues to develop its education and human development programs with a number of local organizations in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030. These programs are designed to create a pool of skilled professionals across the public and private sectors that can build a framework for Qatar’s future economic growth.