Posted on September 11, 2011

Fakhoora Foundation launched the second phase of projects and programmes to empower youth in Gaza with higher education. The foundation runs programmes to build educational capacity of youth through the reconstruction of universities and colleges. It conducts rehabilitation programmes and psychological support for young people, rehabilitation services for people with disabilities and their integration in society through appropriate vocational education.

The second phase of the project commenced after the success of the Fakhoora scholarship programme which benefits a hundred new students at the university each year.

Through cooperation between Fakhoora, the Islamic Development Bank, the Qatar Red Crescent and the Organization of Islamic Relief Worldwide, it was agreed to rebuild and rehabilitate nine universities and colleges in the Gaza Strip with capacity of around 50,000 students.

Eight projects which include counseling for young people in Gaza and four projects for the rehabilitation for those with physical disabilities and vocational education to empower them to effectively participate in the community were also launched
Last year the foundation set up a common fund following its partnership with the Islamic Development Bank. This fund supports education and activities for developing the youth.

The Qatar Red Crescent Society has been contributing in the construction and rehabilitation projects in Gaza since the beginning of February of 2009 after the Israeli war on Gaza.

Qatari Red Crescent has played a prominent role in promoting the education sector for the last few years. It has also completed a number of projects in the Gaza Strip, including the restoration of desalination plants and drinking wells in addition to the reconstruction and renovation of hospital buildings.

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