Posted on September 06, 2019

As expected, the ongoing falcon auction at the third annual S’hail – Katara International Hunting and Falcon Exhibition — is generating massive amount of interest and excitement among falconers and falconry enthusiasts at Katara Cultural Village.

The platform situated at the centre of the exhibition hall of Katara Wisdom Square has been attracting a large number of bidders who wish to be the proud owners of any of the 18 falcons being offered for sale. The stately birds of prey sit on perches in their hoods as curious onlookers and keen buyers go around to select the finest and rarest breed to place their bid.

For the first time organisers have devised an innovative way to go about with the bidding, the falcons of the finest breeds are being auctioned electronically, allowing everyone to take part. Each falcon being auctioned is marked with a tablet which displays the highest bid price for the auction, results of which will be announced on the last day of the five-day event, according to organisers. Two giant screens on which the progress of the bidding is projected update the public of the auction. As of yesterday morning falcon number 1 and 18 garnered the highest bid price of QR100,000 each which is expected to go even higher as the bidding progresses. Hundreds of falcons of the best breeds are also on sale at stalls of local as well as foreign companies from Spain, Germany, Pakistan and the Netherlands among others.

Considered the biggest of its kind exhibition in the Middle East, S’hail 2019 has attracted more than 120 of the most prominent brands in the field of hunting and falconry supplies from different countries around the world including Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Kenya, Italy, Russia, UK, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Germany Lebanon,  the SA, Sweden, Netherlands, Turkey, Iran and Portugal. Hundreds of visitors yesterday thronged the exhibition which is divided into several zones including sections on Arms and Weapons, Falcon Sale, Hunting Equipment, Vehicles and Eateries and Cafes.

Qatari falcon farms have a great presence at the exhibition reflecting a remarkable increase in participation compared to S’hail’s previous edition. Local reserves also display their services at the exhibition such as the “Al Janoub” wild reserve which offers hunting safari trips for hunting lovers in addition to different kinds of animal species that live in the Qatari environment such as desert hares, Houbara birds and quails. A number of events run parallel to the exhibition including a competition for the best falcon hood which carries prizes of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 for the first to third places respectively as well as the best booth winner of which receives QR20,000.

Meanwhile, the third day of the exhibition witnessed visits by high profile personalities, government officials and several ambassadors and members of diplomatic missions.

The exhibition is open until Saturday from 9am to 10pm.

source: The Peninsula