Posted on June 28, 2017

There seem to be fewer emergency cases at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and many private healthcare facilities during the Eid al-Fitr holidays so far this year compared to previous years, according to officials.

Speaking to Gulf Times, officials at public and private healthcare facilities said the emergency cases that had been reported were "minor" in nature and there were not many critical cases. The Emergency Department at Hamad General Hospital (HGH) recorded about 500 emergency cases from 6am to 6pm yesterday. Some of the private facilities had a few emergency cases all through the day. It is an indication that the guidelines provided by HMC regarding healthy eating habits during Ramadan and Eid, as well as the safety instructions for motorists and pedestrians issued by the Ministry of Interior, have helped in reducing the number of cases, say sources.

Dr Ahmed al-Sheikhly, senior consultant and physician at the Emergency Department, said the total number of cases so far is fewer than in previous years. “On the first day we had 430 emergency cases and on Monday we had about 500 cases. These include three road accidents, 10 cardiac cases, 16 trauma cases and 22 medical cases while the other cases were general ones. “Most of the emergency cases were general and minor in nature. Other cases, including road accidents, were also minor in nature. Most of them were given consultation and medication,” the physician added.

There have also been only fewer cases of stomach ailments due to heavy consumption of food, which generally accounts for the most cases received at the Emergency Department, according to the official. “What is being observed is that there is greater awareness among people about food habits and they are acting far more responsibly. Most people eat the right food as well as the right amount, which has resulted in a reduction of the number of emergency cases. This is a positive change and shows that people are aware of healthy living practices more than ever,” Dr al-Sheikhly said.

An official at one of the leading private health facilities said that there were not many emergency cases at the facility. “So far, there have not been many cases - just a few cases of stomach ailments were reported. The patients were treated and sent back with necessary medicines,” an official said. An official from another private clinic made similar remarks and said the number of emergency cases were negligible.

source: Gulf Times