Posted on September 11, 2018

As part of Qatar Museums’ (QM) ongoing efforts to connect local and international artistic communities, the Fire Station hosted a public art talk with international artists Katharina Grosse and Andrea Zittel. The duo delivered an informal presentation about their work and shared insights gathered from their respective artistic journeys.

Katharina Grosse is a contemporary German painter known for her brightly colored acrylic paintings and installations. Made with an industrial air brush and mounds of pigmented dirt, her work attempts to create a bodily, psychedelic-like experience for the viewer, submerging them in a world of color and emotion. The works of Andrea Zittel encompass spaces, objects and modes of living in an ongoing investigation that explores the questions “How to live?” and “What gives life meaning?”

The talk was moderated by art expert and curator, Tom Eccles, who is also the Executive Director of the Center for Curatorial Studies and the Hessel Museum of Art at Bard College. Eccles had previously hosted a number of QM-supported talks including one held last year with internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei. Commenting on the event, Khalifa Al Obaidly, Director at the Fire Station stated: “Qatar Museums is focused on turning Qatar into a vibrant centre for the arts, culture and education, and that includes exposing the local community to inspiring art works and thought-provoking conversations. We were pleased to host two artists of Katharina Grosse’s and Andrea Zittel’s caliber and are looking forward to another rich season of various art and culture activities in Qatar.”

The Fire Station sits at the heart of Doha’s thriving art community, acting as a platform where local talent can be introduced to their international peers and expand their artistic horizons. The Fire Station also provides a gallery space for exhibition and community interaction; while the public spaces host a café, restaurant, bookshop, art supply shop, a cinema and artist facilities.

Earlier this week, Qatari artist Ahmed Al Jufairi opened a public talk and exhibition, marking his return from a three-month art residency in Paris. For more information about the Fire Station’s events and activities, please visit: