Posted on March 31, 2014

Doha based Sogha Exhibitions & Conferences ( in Exclusive International Partnership with London based Co-Organizer ExCo Media Limited ( announced the first edition of Qatar International Exhibition of Medical Devices and Healthcare (QMED) from 9-11 March 2015 at the Qatar National Convention Centre "QNCC".

The exhibition is being held under the patronage of Qatar Chamber, The QMED is anticipated to have participation from over 150 medical manufacturers and healthcare services providers from more than 30 countries from all regions of the world.

Mr. Khalifa Al Mohannadi (pictured), General Manager, Sogha Exhibitions & Conferences, said during a press conference that it is expected that more than 150 companies will participate in the exhibition from the Middle East and Africa, Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Pacific. He said that Qatar has become an attraction point for global medical and healthcare services companies due to the increasing awareness of patents in Qatar and their eagerness to get the medical services from the best hospitals in the world.

 “We have seen a growing interest by many medical companies, manufacturers and health service providers. The QMED is a great platform for local and international companies which aim at providing innovative eco-friendly and internationally recognised solutions for the medical devices. The exhibition will attract manufacturers, distributors and suppliers as well as professionals in the health sector from more than 30 countries all around the world. It provides an opportunity to meet and interact with leading manufacturers. It is also an excellent opportunity for local companies seeking to offer high quality products with competitive prices marked as "Made in Qatar” through building alliances and joint ventures with international companies to attract the best technologies in both the medical and the pharmaceutical sector. It is delightful to gather such a number of important companies under one roof which shows the commitment of Qatar toward the health sector,” Al Mohannadi added.

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He said that participated companies in QMED are seeking to increase the volume of their exports and the development of their products to compete with the major companies in terms of quality, efficiency and price as well as finding best solutions that serve patients and health workers alike.

Al Mohannadi mentioned that the QMED will achieve the goal it was set for and to achieve the expected success in its debut edition which adds to the exhibition industry in Qatar, and to a make a remarkable leap in the medical community, the country and also contributes to motivating international companies to enter the Qatari market with confidence and competence. In this regard, he said that Qatar is currently rich with many large companies that operate and manufacture in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. These companies are manufacturing medical products that have been designed by the best German, Swiss and Italian technology providers with an aim at providing innovative solutions to meet the highest international quality standards. They also hope to expand their share of the export of medical products.

Finally, Al Mohannadi wanted to conclude his speech with an important feature of the QMED that ExCo Media Limited in introducing (the Exhibitions International Co-Organizer) which makes it unique to Qatar. In this regard, the QMED will present a “Blue Zone” that is dedicated to Diabetes. This is being introduced for the first time in any Qatar Medical and Health Exhibition which focuses a part of Exhibition to Diabetes. This is because Qatar is one of top countries in the world and the Middle East per capita in Diabetes sufferers. In order to support and focus on this Qatari health problem, the QMED  is creating “Blue Zone” where space in that part of the Exhibition will be provided to medical and healthcare companies that can help the Qatar health market to resolve this issue in the long-term.

From her side Ibteihaj Al-ahmadani head of health committee, Qatar Chamber stressed that launching this exhibition is a great achievement and a milestone for the health sector in Qatar. The sector has witnessed special care from the government in the past decade where more than QAR 51.3 billion were spent on this sector alone which reflects 7.71% of the total expenses of the country’s budget according to the latest announced general arbitrage which is QAR 665.3 billion. The Qatari government is also planning to invest QAR 4 billion over the next 5 years to build and equip hospitals and medical cities.

Al-ahmadani considered that the importance of the health sector in Qatar not only dependant on government support but also the private sector investments as a whole in diameter is much larger than the budget directed by the government. There are huge investments by the private sector in hospitals and many health projects in the country. She added that the private sector took upon itself the responsibility to provide advanced therapeutic services for all categories of patients to cope with the levels of development taking place in the world in this field. The interest in this sector is due to the increasing revenues and profits to investors, supported by the growing population in the country in the last period and the attraction of more foreign workers.

“Studies show that the private health sector in Qatar will witness more investments during the coming period with the adoption of Qatar national health insurance scheme through attracting foreign capital investments seeking to take advantage of the booming Qatari economy and the strong growth recorded in various activities and sectors,” she said. She pointed out that the health insurance scheme was approved by the government recently as the first health insurance law in the country. It includes in its first phase the Qatari national and will be extended to cover all segments of the population including expatriates in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to create a healthy society that depends on a strong system of universal health care services.

She assured that the adoption of this law would contribute greatly to stimulating the investments in the health sector in Qatar as it obliged private companies to provide health insurance for all their employees. Therefore, this will inject new funds to the health insurance companies, which leads to the emergence of new projects in this vital sector.

QMED sheds light on the health care sector including but not limited to health, dental and ophthalmology. The exhibition is an important platform for decision-makers to learn the latest technological developments in the field of health services. The event organizers have started the communication campaign with health ministries, institutions, companies, manufacturers and producers in various countries around the world to participate in the exhibition.

Qatar is one of the leading countries in the world in health care services with a per capita health care touches $1,900 per year, while the per capita in other countries in the region does not exceed $900, and in developing countries is $150. The health sector in the country witnessed the largest increase in provisions during the last year budget compared to the previous budget; as it has registered 63% increase.