Posted on July 28, 2011

Supporting the vision of Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, Chair of the Qatar Foundation, for a knowledge based society, these two outstanding students are flying the flag for Qatar by completing the first ever Biomedical Research Training Program offered exclusively for Qatari Nationals at WCMC-Q.

Kawthar Al-Dabhani, a biochemistry research graduate from Buffalo University NY and Nawaf Al-Taweel who majored in Pharmacology at Leeds University in the UK, will go on to pursue careers in the challenging field of Biomedical Research.

“I am really happy to have completed this program. It gave me hands on experience of what its like working on real biomedical research projects. This has been an invaluable experience in helping me decide how best to progress my career,” said Al-Dabhani.

The program is fully funded by WCMC-Q as an extension to the Qatar Science Leadership Program established by the Research Division at Qatar Foundation, which aims to produce world class Qatari scientists to lead the research centers of excellence that are at the very heart of Qatar’s vision for its future.

Open to Qatari Nationals who are college graduates with degrees in disciplines related to science, the program gives a unique opportunity to gain hands on experience in world class research labs that produce results published world wide. Students are given a stipend whilst studying as well other benefits such as health insurance.

“WCMC -Q continues to be at the forefront of cutting edge research in Qatar and this program affords a platform to Qatari nationals to shape the future of medicine and biomedical research in the region,” said Khaled Machaca, PhD, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics and Associate Dean for Research.

Having completed the training program both students will further their education. Al-Taweel intends to do a PhD in Molecular Biology whilst Al-Dabhani will take part in a Qatar Science Leadership Program (QSLP) Internship Program with a view to becoming a lab manager.

If you are interested in cutting edge research, which could help enhance the health of the nation, please get in touch with us. You will get the opportunity to work full-time on projects in the research department at WCMC-Q, focusing on stem cells, cell biology, genomics, proteomics and more. You will participate in training modules related to communication, ethical compliance, health and safety, and research administration.

If those who qualify would like to explore a career in biomedical research either as a bench scientist, a clinician, or a research administrator please contact Dianna Marsh, Director of Administration, Research department, via email at

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