Posted on March 01, 2014

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics issued the first issue of Qatar Monthly Statistics, which includes population, social, economic and other miscellaneous statistics. This bulletin aims to provide a summary of data for government, private agencies and the community in general, and over time to identify the most important changes that have occurred.

Among the topics covered in the bulletin are population, marriages and divorces, road accidents, movement of vessels in the ports, postal volumes, vehicles registration, traffic accidents, real estate transactions, electricity and water produced, and import and export information.

Highlights from the bulletin show the population at a little over two million people at the end of January, with males being about 1.5 million. The number of marriages in January was 341 and the number of divorces was 106. The number of traffic accidents resulting in death was 14, major and minor injuries were 36 and 341 respectively.

There were over 8000 vehicles registered in the past month, with more than 5 thousand private vehicles. There were 9498 driving licenses issued during the last month with 539 Qatari and 8959 non-Qatari.

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The consumer prices index reached 115.9 points in January. The number one country for exports is Japan with over QR 12 billion.  South Korea was second with QR 8.7 billion and third was India with QR 5.7 billion.

The USA was number one for imports with QR 397 million. The UAE was second with QR 534 million and third was Saudi Arabia with QR 415 million. Real estate transactions were 546 with a value of QR 3.7 billion. The total electricity generated was nearly 2 million kilowatts, and water production exceeded 31 million cubic meters.

Passengers at the Doha international airport reached 2,944,514 passengers with 1,115,784 arrivals, 1,087,193 departures, and 741,537 in transit. For more information and additional data, please visit the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics  and the Qatar information exchange