Posted on January 12, 2019

A wide range of products made of authentic Kahraman amber from across the world are on display at the first edition of Katara Exhibition for Kahraman, which opened at the Cultural Village (Katara) on Thursday.

The Father Amir HH Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani visited the exhibition after the opening and toured several stalls. He was accompanied by senior Katara officials and other dignitaries. Katara General Manager Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti earlier opened the three-day exhibition, the first of its kind in Qatar and the biggest in the region. 

Several diplomats and Kahraman amber enthusiasts were present during the opening. The event will conclude on Saturday. Traders, collectors and manufacturers of authentic Kahraman amber products from seven countries are participating in the exhibition at Building 12 at Katara. The participating countries are Qatar, Turkey, Kuwait, Lebanon, Russia, Poland and Lithuania. Sulaiti expressed happiness over the massive participation of traders and manufacturers of Kahraman amber from around the world in the exhibition and hoped that the event would give a major boost to Kahraman amber industry worldwide.

The exhibition features about 80 stalls showcasing different varieties of prayers beads, bracelets, ornaments and antique products made of amber, which are also being offered for sale. The prices range from few hundreds to millions of riyals. Experts making the beads by hand from natural material are also on hand to showcase their skills. Amber is fossilised resin originating from trees and the seas and the process of their formation takes thousands of years. Amber found in the Arab world is called Kahraman. Beads made of natural and authentic Kahraman amber have been famous among the Arabs since ancient times.

Many of the stalls also showcase rare and authentic pieces of fossilised amber of different colour, size and quality. The exhibition is also introducing the different styles and perspectives in manufacturing of authentic beads. The International Amber Association has also set up its stall at the exhibition. The association, based in Poland, is a common platform for traders, collectors and manufacturers of amber products with 360 members from 33 countries, said an official. Katara has announced its decision to set up a permanent Kahraman centre on its premises to be a meeting point for amber traders, collectors and enthusiasts. 

The exhibition is attracting a large number of visitors, including women and children, since people in the Gulf region consider Kahraman amber as part of their culture. Women, children and men here are proud of owning the prayers beads and ornaments made of amber and give them as gifts on special occasions like Eid. On the sidelines of the exhibition, lectures, seminars and workshops are being held focusing on the Kahraman amber industry worldwide. Russia and East European countries are considered the popular markets of amber products, although China has emerged as a major contender over the past few years by redesigning amber for use in necklaces and ear rings.

Katara has also announced plans to establish a forum for collectors of Kahraman beads in Qatar to help them meet and exchange knowledge and experience. The exhibition will be open to visitors today from 3pm to 10pm and Saturday from 10am to 10pm.

source: Qatar Tribune