Posted on December 11, 2017

The Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) – one of Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) newest Medical City Hospitals - has successfully performed its first day care surgeries. This achievement follows the opening of a number of outpatient clinics within the facility earlier this year.

The first day care surgeries were ophthalmology procedures which took place on Thursday, 7 December. Further surgical procedures have since been carried out for the first time on ophthalmology, urology, and ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) patients from across Qatar.

First surgeries performed at HMC 2 [].jpgThe ACC is offering patients an exciting new approach to surgical care in Qatar. Patients are provided with the opportunity to receive the latest treatment using advanced clinical and surgical practices within a single dedicated location. Day care surgery, also known as same day surgery, is a model of care that means within 23 hours of undergoing a surgical procedure, patients will be able to leave the hospital and return to recover in the comfort of their own home. Commenting on the benefits of same day surgery, Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al Jalham, Director of the ACC said: “The day surgery service will provide patients with access to safe, high-quality care from an advanced team of surgical specialists, nurses, and support staff. It will ensure they not only have access to first-class surgical care but will also be treated in a warm and friendly atmosphere, conducive to a successful recovery.”

Dr. Al Jalham added that in recent years there has been a rapid global increase in surgical and interventional procedures being performed in the outpatient setting. A vast number of acute and secondary procedures are now possible in outpatient facilities due to new medical technologies, such as minimally invasive surgical techniques and new anesthesia and pain control practices that prevent complications and allow patients to return home more quickly. “For the right patients, day surgery has been shown to be safe and effective, achieving the same or better outcomes than inpatient procedures while allowing patients to spend less time in a medical facility,” Dr. Al Jalham explained.

“The new ACC is playing an important role in increasing the percentage of same day surgeries that are carried out across HMC’s hospital network. The highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art equipment at the new facility will help to ensure the number of day surgeries performed at HMC continues to rise.” He continued: “We are committed to ensuring that same day surgical services are safe and of the same high quality as inpatient surgery. Our focus is to ensure patients are fully supported throughout the treatment process, including during their recovery after discharge.”

This sentiment was reflected by Dr. Fatima Al Mansouri, Senior Consultant and Head of Ophthalmology at HMC, which performed the first ophthalmology surgeries at the ACC. She said: “My team and I are extremely proud to have successfully carried out the first surgeries performed at the Ambulatory Care Center. We look forward to being able to treat many more patients at our new facility.” The success of the ophthalmology team’s first surgeries was repeated by the facility’s urology and ENT clinicians who also performed their first surgical procedures, with urology procedures conducted on Saturday, 9 December and ENT procedures on Sunday, 10 December.

First surgeries performed at HMC 3 [].jpg

Commenting on the success of the urology procedures, Dr. Khalid Al Rumaihi, HMC’s Head of Urology, said: “I am extremely pleased that we are now able to offer our patients both outpatient and surgical treatment within the same location. Saturday’s surgeries build on the success of our urology outpatient clinics which opened at the Ambulatory Care Center in October.” Dr. Abdul Salam Al Qahtani, Head of ENT at the Ambulatory Care Center, was part of the team that carried out the first ENT surgical procedures. He spoke about the benefits of being able to deliver the best possible care within a single facility as well as his pride in the increasing number of patients visiting the Ambulatory Care Center.

He said: “The number of patients being seen at the ACC continues to increase and the feedback we have received from those visiting our new facility for the first time is extremely positive. Being able to offer not only clinical but also surgical procedures in a single location means that we can provide the very best care to our patients with minimum inconvenience or disruption to their schedule.  Providing our patients with the right care, at the right time, and in the right place is what we as clinicians are committed to delivering. I believe that the services, treatment, and care offered at the Ambulatory Care Center go a long way to delivering on this commitment.”