Posted on July 21, 2016
Fish prices, which hit the roof in Qatar recently, are expected to be stable in the coming days with restoration of supplies from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman, fish market sources said. According to the sources, disruption of fish supply from these countries during the Eid Al Fitr holidays coupled with the normal shortage of fish during summer led to skyrocketing fish prices in the country.
According to a source, fish prices showed a declining trend at the Central Market on Tuesday as normal supply of fish from Saudi Arabia resumed to the market after a short gap since Eid holidays. For example, the retail price of Hamour, which shot to a record high of QR110 per kilogram last week dipped to QR90 whereas Kingfish which cost QR60 per kilogram last week, currently costs QR46. Similarly, South Asian community's favourite Sardine, which cost QR8 per kilogram last week currently costs QR5. Besides, the prices of Mackerel, Sheri have dropped from QR32 and QR22 per kilogram to QR26 and QR 18 respectively.
An employee of a fishing company said, "The shortage of fish supply from Saudi Arabia and Oman was the key reason for the sharp rise in its prices in Qatar. However, there was also a low domestic production of fish, which is normal during summer that led to scarcity of fish in the country. Meanwhile, anticipating the shortage, wholesale dealers, hotels and restaurants overbought fish impacting its prices."
Hameed Ibrahim, a vendor at Central Market, said, "The price of fish is always high in summer due to low production. The yield is low in summer as fishes go deep into the sea due to the high temperature. As for fishermen, they cannot wait for long for their catch due to the scorching heat. Normally, fishermen spend three days in the sea for fishing, but in summer they cannot even think of doing it because of the high temperature." "However, the prices are expected to be stable at the end of this week when all the supply chains are restored and some balance is achieved in demand and supply," Ibrahim added.
source: Qatar Tribune