Posted on September 29, 2019

Fnac, the leading French retailer in Qatar, hosted a book launching ceremony for Amal Lingawi’s new title “Hatha Rayi Esh Rayak”, published by Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press.

The ceremony took place on September 26 at Fnac in Doha Festival City and was attended by academics, media and clients who had the book signed by the author.The event is in line with a partnership between Fnac and the Ministry of Culture and Sports, under which Fnac hosts events forlocal and international authors to revive the culture of reading and highlight the contemporary and creative movement of writing in Qatar. The author, Amal Lingawi stated: “I am pleased to hold the launching ceremony of my new book here at Fnac, the leading destination for spreading knowledge and promoting the culture of reading and dialogue among the local community. This book represents my own experience and views, which I would like to share with readers in hopes that together we can build relationships based on mutual respect and acceptance of the others’ opinion”.

FNAC hosts the book 1 [].jpeg

The book “Hatha Rayi Esh Rayak?” which translated to “this is my opinion, what is yours?”, discusses an important topic in our society today, which is accepting others’ opinions and convictions. The book also states the author’s own views which are built on respecting other’s different perspectives. The book is available at Fnac in Lagoona Mall and Doha Festival City.

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