Posted on March 22, 2020

Focus Softnet Qatar, a subsidiary of Focus Softnet Global, an Indian Software company operating in Qatar has announced two months of free cloud hosting for all its current ERP customers in Qatar along with its partner Tata Communication Ltd. This would enable all businesses to run online and access their mission critical information from their homes without any interruptions.  

Now Focus ERP users can have a real time view of their business in terms of cash flow management, inventories, pending orders, delivery management, PDC management etc., right from their homes and will be able to take corrective actions to ensure availability of their optimum resources (material, money and manpower) for efficient running of their operations. Focus Softnet Qatar will migrate the existing In Premise licenses of Focus RT and 7i ERP customers in Qatar, to their state-of-the-art Cloud Servers of Tata for the months of April and May free of cost. The customers may choose to continue using this service after the 2 months period on payment of yearly subscription charges or may choose to roll back to their existing In Premise servers.  

All customers are requested to contact Focus Softnet  on 44438730 or 44353659 for details and feasibility confirmation. “The need of the hour is to disrupt the chain of infections and Focus Qatar is proud to play its part in combating the spread of the dreaded COVID-19 in Qatar. It stands in full solidarity with the State of Qatar in ensuring safety and health of all its citizens and residents”- says Ali Hyder Group CEO of Focus Softnet.