Posted on August 23, 2011

IBQ announced that the fourth season of its annual IBQ Summer Internship Programme which is open to high-school students and undergraduates has witnessed considerable success so far this year. The programme which began in June 2011 will run until the end of this month and has seen scores of students enrolled across various divisions of the bank for the opportunity to receive one-to-one mentorship and a real life banking work experience in different departments including Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Credit, Audit, IT, Operations, Corporate Communications, Compliance, Administration & Facilities and Human Resources.

IBQ has been running its summer internship programme for four consecutive years in line with its home-grown ongoing Qatari Development Programme which also targets students. This year, IBQ has enrolled 20 students including high-school students, high-performing students from Qatar University, and students already enrolled in the IBQ Scholarship Programme.

Kids Fly For Less

Amal Al Sada, Head of HR at IBQ said: “We are impressed by the influx of students who have an interest in banking and finance activities and have been willing to give time during their summer holidays to be part of the IBQ team. Feedback received from the Heads of various universities was also excellent. The IBQ Summer Internship Programme is one of several initiatives that the HR department is running including our established Qatari Development Programme, the IBQ Qatari Scholarship Programme, and a range of in-house training initiatives in leadership and other business skills.”

“Our annual IBQ Summer Internship Programme is truly an example of the efforts that we invest to harness the enthusiasm and educational aspirations of young people in Qatar as part of our ongoing CSR programme. It is also an example of how we strive to be not only the Bank of Choice but also the Employer of Choice in Qatar.”

IBQ is also now recruiting for its annual IBQ Qatari Scholarship Programme 2011.