Posted on August 06, 2016

About 3,000 workers staying at the Labour City near Asian Town in Mesaimeer will soon get free Wi-Fi service, with the sprawling facility fast emerging as a unique model for labour accommodations in the country. A source at the company that employed the workers said yesterday that Wi-Fi network has been installed at several housing units at the City and the workers will soon be able to access it free.

One of the two companies operating the City is providing the service to workers, based on an agreement with their employer. Located opposite Karwa headquarters close to the Industrial Area, the City has a capacity of 53,000 workers. The facility was officially opened in October last year. Workers belonging to several companies are staying in this housing complex. “Our company had reached an agreement with the operators to provide Wi-Fi service to our workers staying in the City. It has been installed and will be activated shortly. The free internet connection will be a great relief to our workers who have been spending a sizeable part of their income for using internet on their smart phones,” said the source.

Most workers have a smart phone and spend an average QR5O per month on internet, he added. The Wi-Fi service available round-the-clock will help the workers keep in touch with their near and dear ones free, besides serving as a major tool of entertainment, he added. “It will also help us by reducing the use of mobile phones at worksites,” said the source. The entire complex has 64 residential buildings, with each building having 130 rooms for workers. Each building, of four floors which can accommodate up to 780 workers, also has a large dining area.

These buildings are grouped into four major sub-complexes, each with 16 buildings. Besides, there are 16 other residential buildings meant to house executive single workers or senior staff members of companies that take premises here on rent. Each of these buildings have 97 rooms. There are a total of 9,872 rooms in the entire complex that covers an area of 1.8 million square metres. Most of the buildings in the City have already been occupied, said the source. A variety of food is served to the workers who belong to different countries. The housing complex has clinics providing health care at affordable cost, ambulance service, mosques, police station, among other facilities.

source: The Peninsula