Posted on December 09, 2015

University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) nursing students and Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar (WCM-Q) medical students collaborated to strengthen their clinical interview skills in a landmark workshop designed to improve health outcomes in Qatar. The Interprofessional Family Assessment Workshop laid the foundation for further interprofessional education involving the two universities, enabling Qatar’s future medical and nursing leaders to collaborate to establish best practice healthcare for the benefit of the country’s patients.

Facilitated by University of Calgary in Canada Professor Emeritus of Nursing Dr. Lorraine Wright, the workshop focused on theories and practical skills that nurses and doctors can use to better evaluate patient needs in consultations with them and their families. After discussing family assessment methods with Dr. Wright, UCQ and WCM-Q students practiced interviewing patient families in a clinical simulation room. “Interprofessional education is all about exchanging expertise and perspectives between health professionals to improve overall care,” noted Dr. Wright. “When future nursing and medical leaders foster mutual understanding and bonds of respect, especially in areas as crucial as family assessment, healthcare results can be greatly improved.”

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Dr. Mohamud Verjee, Associate Professor and Director of the Primary Care Clerkship at WCM-Q, worked with the UCQ team, led by Dr. Debbie Sheppard LeMoine, Faculty at University of Calgary in Qatar. UCQ’s team also included Julie Hoffart, Director of the Clinical Simulation Center, William Kay, Teaching and Learning Specialist, and Roger DeWeerd, Clinical Simulation Technical Specialist. “This innovative workshop featuring nursing and medical students working together with faculty bears special significance,” said Dr. Verjee. “The quality presentations, collaborative discussions, and interactions in clinical simulations were outstanding. I hope this workshop helps cultivate a long and rewarding relationship between Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar and University of Calgary in Qatar.

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“As healthcare professionals, collaboration is key in order to alleviate suffering and improve the health of the people we serve,” said Asma Alamgir, student at UCQ. “Together, we examined how communicating as a team with patients and families can be critical in promoting healing for all those who are affected by illness.” “This was an eye-opening professional experience,” said Abulrahman Al-Abdulmalek, WCM-Q student. “I now have a deeper understanding of the importance of the patient-physician interaction and its impact on the quality of healthcare. It reminded me why I chose to study the field of medicine in the first place.”

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