Posted on June 22, 2013

Géant Hypermarket, Hyatt Plaza has now been in operation for over 4 months, with an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers. Over the period, the fresh section has especially been successful in attracting large numbers of customers, who enjoy the exceptional shopping experience.

On February 24, 2013, the Geant Hypermarket opened to enthusiastic customers following an agreement signed between Al Meera Consumer Goods QSC and French retailer Casino to develop a network of hypermarkets and supermarkets under the Geant and Geant Easy banners in selected Middle East countries.

Géant Hypermarket offers the largest selection of fresh and exclusive products. The same signature trademark design for which Geant is known for was followed to create a convenient shopping experience tailored to suit local tastes and traditions. The fresh Section is comprised of 5 areas namely Fruit & Vegetables, Butchery, Fishery, Deli and Bakery.

Upon entering the fresh section in Geant hypermarket one can be forgiven for being slightly overwhelmed at the extent of the range of the produce available. All the produce on offer has been especially selected and sourced at the very finest producers both locally and internationally. Imported items are flown in by air, daily, to ensure optimum freshness and quality.The transportation of the produce is always to the highest possible standards and it is kept refrigerated at every stage of the journey. The items are carefully sorted further upon arrival at the store to guarantee the utmost quality. Geant adheres strictly to the Government of Qatar’s health regulations. The items are finally displayed by category by the dedicated and well trained store staff.

Ensuring customers finds all the fruit and vegetable they are looking for, Geant Hypermarket imports  fruits and vegetables from countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, United States, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Australia, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, China, India and Pakistan.

The fishery offers; local and imported products, while the butchery offers a large selection  of prime red meat, consisting of beef, lamb and the finest imported veal . The Butchery further offers a variety of chicken gourmet products. It is arranged in a way that makes for an easy shopping experience backed by highly skilled butchers, providing the consumer with advice from different meat cuts to preparation tips.

Our ambition is to serve consumers with high quality products and we are proud to have maintained the momentum beyond the launch. We are looking forward to serving you and providing to your every need for Ramadan.

Wishing you Ramadan Kareem!