Posted on April 27, 2016

Reem Al Daghma, General Manager of Gate To Wellness – the only specialised medical tourism company in Doha – announced the great success of the second women's trip that achieved the best anticipated results and acclaimed the approbation of all participants. Gate To Wellness had a big start in 2016 with its second trip dedicated for women to Ananda Spa in the Himalayas. Known to be among the best health centers in India as well as across the world for detox and weight loss, Ananda Spa was chosen after a specialised study to provide high quality services that would suit all participants. This included detox process that aims to clean and rejuvenate the body.

On this occasion, Reem Al Daghma, General Manager to Gate To Wellness said: “We are glad to witness the commendation of all participants after they returned from the seven night trip to Ananda Spa in India. The trip was specifically aimed at women and included 20 therapeutic massage sessions, a health examination & fitness check followed by consultation sessions with a health and nutrition specialist. The trip also included a healthy cooking class and a visit to the famous Rishikesh River.” “Since the launch of our operations in Doha, we have been successfully coordinating health related tours to many countries. These were characterised by discretion and simplicity, thanks to our relationship with more than 60 global hospitals spread over 13 countries around the world,” she added.

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About the detox program, Al Daghma asserted: “Detox is not only for people having extreme concerns about their health, but also for those individuals suffering from disorders, stress as well as physical pain. Cleaning the body of toxins, commonly known as detox, is not a new process. In fact, it’s been in use over the past several years across many countries and cultures. Here, the aim is to remove toxins from the body and consume healthy ingredients that protect individuals from diseases and strengthen their immune system.”

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Commenting on the trip, Mrs. Badriya Al Dilemi said: “I did not imagine the beauty of the place. This is my first experience with Gate To Wellness, and of course, it will not be the last. I've really enjoyed the trip and also admire the organisation that has been set up by Ms. Reem Daghma.” A Qatari business woman, Ibtissam Jameel, expressed her admiration of the trip and said: “Ananda Spa is considered to be the best health centers in India as well as across the world. I really enjoyed the 7 nights’ adventure, especially the preparations and arrangements from Gate To Wellness, which were at the highest level and provided us with a distinctive and good atmosphere”

Added Maysam Kamal: “I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip; I think the whole experience was above my expectations. Having provided a superb service, I would like to thank Gate To Wellness for this wonderful and therapeutic experience. I am already looking forward to the next trip.”