Posted on October 14, 2019

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau presented Middle East travellers an exclusive glimpse into the Heart of Asia, hosting the Taiwan Tourism Roadshow in Doha, Qatar.

The multi-city roadshow, part of a series of three events in the GCC, is part of Taiwan’s efforts to boost tourism from the Middle East to the Asian nation – a booming destination that experienced visitor numbers increase by 6.17% in 2018. Additionally, Taiwan is expected to achieve double-digit growth in 2019. Ranked the 3rd most welcoming country on the Global Muslim Travel Index in 2019, Taiwan boasts a Muslim-friendly environment that is perfectly suited towards catering to the needs of many visitors from the Middle East.

Dr. Trust Lin, Director of Taiwan Tourism, commented that the up-and-coming island nation is a perfect sanctuary for travellers to add to their travel bucket lists. “Besides showcasing an array of tantalising culinary delights, stunning landscapes, and life-changing experiences for all travellers, Taiwan also offers a rapidly-expanding number of facilities and services centric to Muslim visitors,” Dr. Lin said. “The people of Taiwan are welcoming travellers with open arms as the Middle East market expresses a yearning desire for new experiences in far-flung lands. Today’s event is testament to our efforts to allure growth market segments to the beautiful paradise that is Taiwan, and it was an honour to showcase this alluring country to the people of Qatar.”

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Adventure for Middle East visitors begins in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital and cultural heart. Featuring the world-renowned Taipei 101, visitors can begin their journey taking in the vistas from the 88th and 89th floors of the stunning city landmark. Following this, visitors can satisfy their hunger for Taipei by exploring and sampling the night markets, malls, and food stalls – a number of which offer Halal certified cuisine. Located deep in the mountains of Nantou County, Sun Moon Lake offers visitors breathtaking lake scenery donned by mountainous surrounds. On the eastern flank of the lake’s perimeter, the lake is relatively round with an array of intriguing inlets, while the western side is longer and features a narrow shape often compared to that of a crescent moon. Nearby attractions include Wenwu Temple, the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, and scenic views on and around the lake.

Located between Taichung and Tainan, the scenic beauty of Alishan’s lust forests offers visitors old world charm and one of the most renowned sunrises. Alishan can be explored via the ‘Alishan Highway’, ‘Northwestern Corridor, and ‘Tsou villages’, each offering distinct perspectives of the natural area, tea plantations, local villages, and gushing waterfalls. For those venturing to Alishan for the famed sunrise, all four seasons offer differing, yet uniquely beautiful scenes. A visit to Taiwan also must include a pass through the spectacular Taroko Gorge. Considered a natural wonder of Asia, Taroko Gorge is home to cascading turquoise rivers and towering thousand-foot marble walls. Atop Taroko National Park’s Quingshui Cliff, visitors can even spot a glimpse of the picturesque hues of the Pacific Ocean.

Citizens of Qatar are eligible to apply for an e-visa to Taiwan, which is a quick process offering a convenient, simple, and seamless visa application experience.

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