Posted on December 29, 2016

The delegates from GCC countries participated in the events held as part of Unified Gulf Inmates Week-2016 celebrations at Gulf Mall from December 25-28, under the theme 'Together to achieve the reform' and praised facilities in Qatar's jail.

The delegates visited the Penal and Correctional Institutions Department on Tuesday. Brigadier Muhammed Saud al Otaibi, director of the Penal and Correctional Institutions Department met the delegates accompanied by Dr Mohsin Moaidh al Arjani, representative of the General Secretariat of GCC. The guests were delighted to learn about the care and rehabilitation facilities provided by the department for the prison inmates. Brigadier Muhammad Abdullah al Ahmad, head of the Inmates Affairs Section; Brigadier Ali Abdul Aziz Murad, head of the Ladies Inmates Affairs Department, Lt Col Jassim Muhammad al Kaabi, head of Care and Rehabilitation Section and Ft Lt Adel Mirza al Qasimi also attended the meeting.

The delegates witnessed the sports activities of the inmates including tug of war, table tennis and billiards. They also visited the workshops, welding, electricity and industrial units and play halls of the inmates. Dr Mohsin Moaidh al Arjani, director of the Security Monitoring Department of the General Secretariat of GCC countries, stated that the facilities provided by Qatar for prisoners were exemplary. He also appreciated the products manufactured by the inmates and said that the skills demonstrated by them in making the goods would help them to merge with the society once they are released after the completion of their sentences.

source: Qatar Tribune