Posted on June 15, 2016

Qatar’s General Traffic Directorate and Maersk Oil Qatar have launched their 3rd annual Ramadan campaign, under One Second,the national road safety brand, to raise awareness and educate the public on road safety during Ramadan and Eid holidays. Activities at Souq Waqif will support both young and experienced drivers to refine their driving skills under pressure, improve driving etiquette and teaching young children about pedestrian rules.

The activities will be open to the public at Souq Waqif throughout the full month of Ramadan from 7.30pm to 1am and during Eid Al Fitr.

Visitors to the souq can take a drive in Maersk Oil’s ‘Students For Road Safety’ driving simulator which has proven successful in improving student’s road safety awareness. The simulator is a first of its kind in the region and includes a real car cockpit, advanced display system with wrap-around screen and artificial intelligence engine that reflects common behaviour on Qatar roads.Atweekends during Ramadan, including the evening of Garangao, young children are invited to participate in educational road safety games about pedestrian rules, seatbelt use and general do’s and don’ts inside and outside of the car.

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Major Jaber Mohamed Odaiba from the traffic department said, “We are proud to continue our collaboration with Maersk Oil Qatar to spearhead t this important Ramadan awareness campaign at Souq Waqif. It is critical for us to ensure that we influence as many people as possible about positive road behaviours. It is also important for us to start teaching our children from a young age about how to behave on the roads to be safe. This campaign address all these important issues and we invite everyone to visit the Souq and learn more. We’re also very grateful to the management of Souq Waqif for their support and partnership.”

Sheikh Faisal bin Fahad Al-Thani, Deputy Managing Director of Maersk Oil Qatar, said: “Road safety impacts us all and encouraging positive behaviour benefits the entire community. Awareness is key, especially during the hot Ramadan days when people are more tired and less alert and children play outside in the open.”He added: “We continue to support the local authorities with programmes that deliver meaningful benefits to Qatari society and that leave lasting footprints for generations to come. I would like to thank the General Traffic Directorate for entrusting us with this partnership and look forward to continuing our successful collaborations in a number of areas.”