Posted on November 24, 2015

Prospective high school and transfer students and their parents are invited to attend Georgetown University in Qatar’s (GU-Q) Admissions Open House, beginning at 5:00pm on Wednesday, November 25th, a community event designed to explain the admissions process, give a sneak peek into academic and university life, as well as to demonstrate the wide variety of future career opportunities available to Georgetown students.

Attendees of the Open House will learn more about the four majors offered at GU-Q, including International Politics, International Economics, International History and Culture & Politics. Potential students will also learn about the university’s three certificate programs, opportunities to complement their major field of study by pursuing specialized coursework. GU-Qatar currently offers certificates in Arab and Regional Studies, American Studies, and Media and Politics.

‘The Open House is a great opportunity to see and hear first hand what faculty, students and alumni have to say about the Georgetown curriculum,” said Joseph Hernandez, Director of Admissions at GU-Q. “It’s an opportunity to explore our academic program, career opportunities for our graduates, and the richness and diversity of student life at GU-Qatar.” Commenting on the value of attending to students and their concerned parents, he added: “This event is a unique time where the entire university including Academic Affairs, Student Life, Careers, the Office of Academic Services, Admissions, and Financial Aid - comes together to answer any and all questions about every facet of university life.”

The Open House will feature a panel featuring current students, faculty, staff, and alumni, followed by an opportunity to meet one on one with Admissions staff and other university departments, and will offer tours of the school’s Education City campus and facilities.

“One great benefit of attending this admissions event is to learn that at Georgetown, we don’t offer education just for the sake of education. We are training people to fill important roles in society,” said David Daniel, an Admissions Officer at GU-Q. He said that this year, portions of the Open House will be available for online viewing through a live web stream. “While we encourage students nearby to join us and visit our campus Wednesday evening, students who cannot attend, particularly international applicants, may view the stream at”

The Qatar campus of Georgetown University offers students a four-year liberal arts degree through the same internationally ranked foreign affairs curriculum that is offered at the Georgetown Main Campus in Washington D.C., founded in 1789. The Open House is open to the public, and no invitation is required, but registration through the school’s website is encouraged.