Posted on October 03, 2014

Cycling is set to become a major feature of Qatar’s Aspire Zone with the opening of a new 5km cycling track, and a new cycle hire scheme “Cycle in Aspire” in Aspire Park, said Gulf Times. “The initiative is an addition to the community activities offered by the Aspire Zone for various segments of society to encourage active healthy lifestyles and physical activity in an atmosphere of premium entertainment,” said Abdullah al-Khater, Venues and Events acting manager of Aspire Zone.

Get on your bike as Aspire opens [].jpgMembers of the community can use their own bicycles in the new track, or head to the hiring outlet in front of the Aspire Park gate, located at the end of the road between the Villaggio and Hyatt Plaza near the area of children’s playground and outdoor football pitches. The service is available for all ages above five. To ensure the safety for all bikers, they will be provided with a special helmet within the leasing service. The cycle hire service is available from Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 8pm, and Friday and Saturday from noon to 8pm. During the Eid al-Adha holidays also, the timing is from noon to 8pm.

Earlier this year, Aspire Zone had launched a “Learn to Ride” programme in co-operation with the Qatari schools to help children and teens learn how to ride bikes, and “Cycle in Aspire” is the extension of this programme to encourage more people to ride bicycles. This is the latest activity offered by the Aspire Zone within its community campaign “Life in Aspire”, adding it to the other activities like children’s playgrounds available throughout the park, outdoor gym machines, activities of the lake, and public fields. More information could be had from