Posted on May 07, 2015

Ginger Camel Media Network, Doha’s premiere audio podcast network, debuted its six new podcasts. The launch week featured six (6) podcasts: Empower World, Hot & Healthy, Family Pickers, Qatar Events ( is a partner), The Edge: Business News from Qatar and Beyond, Doha Heat. Doha Heat, which received a Platinum AVA Digital Award in January and has been operational since June 2014, will continue to be published. All the podcasts are poised to put Qatar on the map for digital broadcasting and offer the world insight into its wonderful residents residing here.

The network represents an emerging trend in Qatar’s digital development, which focuses on the generation of world-class content by local individuals, whether citizens or otherwise. As their podcasts grew in listenership numbers and popularity, Head Producer Andrew Clark and Managing Director Stefan determined the time was right to expand. Drawing inspiration from other podcasts like StartUp (US), the Economist (UK), and Serial (US) that meld innovative storytelling and advertising and attract huge international followings, the two drew-up plans to go global and appeal to an international audience.

Ginger Camel Media Network emerged from a desire to offer its services to a global market and capitalize on the enthusiasm for digital broadcasting. Its guiding motto is, “If you’re willing to listen, there’s a story to be told.” The network strives to bring its listeners the best possible stories extracted through relaxed, yet informative conversations with guests. Its hope is that you will join us the adventure into digital broadcasting and advertising.