Posted on January 13, 2018

Glitz and glamour came on stage at the Arabian Fashion Show hosted at Mondrian on Wednesday as part of the second edition of Shop Qatar, the country's biggest shopping festival which will continue until February 7, organised by Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA).

The Arabian Fashion Show was the first of three Shop Qatar fashion shows to be organised as part of this year's Shop Qatar, featuring nine designers showcasing over 100 outlooks from ready-to-wear to haute couture collections. Among the designers were the renowned Moroccan designer Meriam Belkhayat, who showcased a collection of fashionable kaftans under the theme 'Lost in a dream', Yousef AlJasmi (Kuwait) and Sakba Hamada (Kuwait). Talking to media persons about her designs, Meriam Belkhayat said she was inspired to do this collection because the Arab women are always looking for something beautiful. 

Belkhayat showcased 15 designs from her new collection of colourful kaftans. "The pieces are traditionally handmade with cottons but with modern touch," she said. She said that the collection was specifically made for Qatar because of the availability of a huge market for women in the country. "I have a lot of clients here. Therefore, I tried to bring what they are looking for. Qatari women are really fashionable," she said, adding that Qatari women have presence on social media and are up-to-date with the current trends in the world of fashion. 

Talking about the response of people regarding her creations, she said,"The response was huge. I have been receiving positive feedback on social media. Those who were present at the fashion show liked my collection." However, this was not the first time that Belkhayat was displaying her collection in Qatar. She showcased her creations at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week about a year-and-a-half ago. Speaking about the Qatari market for her collection, Belkhayat said,"It is one of the best markets in the Middle East because the Qatari women are really informed when it comes to fashion and they always want to discover and experience new things. They are always looking for something new," she said.

Belkhayat thanked QTA for giving her a platform to showcase her collection. Mondrian Doha General Manager Alex Gasser said the hotel is a lifestyle and fashion brand and hosting the fashion show will help it to grow larger and get more recognition."We are proud to host the fashion show here and I would like to thank QTA for giving us the opportunity," he said. On Wednesday, January 16, Bollywood Fashion Show will feature celebrity designers, including Vikram Phandis, Archana Kochar and Manish Malhotra. On Wednesday, January 23, the International Fashion Show will feature renowned designers Fouad Sarkis, Maria B, Alejandro Resta (Spain), Imran Rajput Thaher Baqer and Imran Abbas, who will also make a celebrity appearance.

source: Qatar Tribune