Posted on September 12, 2014

The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) on Wednesday hosted the third workshop on the study entitled "GCC Non-oil Exporting Strategy" in cooperation with GCC general secretariat and in the presence of representatives from different GCC countries, the general secretariat as well as international experts. The two-day workshop, held at GOIC's headquarters in Doha, was chaired by Dr. Hilal Al-Mukhaini, director of the general secretariat's commerce and industry department. GOIC Secretary General Mr. Abdulaziz bin Hamad Al-Ageel attended a number of sessions. 

Al-Ageel gave the welcome speech in which he said the two-day workshop will tackle topics related to the second phase of the study and the updates and amendments in light of the second workshop. He added that sessions will display suggestions and videos presented by member States regarding the third and last phase of the study. An open discussion will focus on the preparation of a paper on the strategy and general framework of the executive plan. 

Activities were kick-started with a presentation delivered by Dr. Anwar Al-Quraan, director of GOIC's industrial studies and policies department in which he highlighted the phases of the study; the first phase was completed and included an assessment of the current non-oil exports at all levels in GCC countries, while the second phase is still in progress and tackles the strategic objectives and benchmarks of the study. He said the strategy aims to help GCC countries in achieving economic diversification, maximizing citizens' source of income and wealth and guiding GCC countries to increase non-oil exports in the medium term (five years) and the long term (15 years). 

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In addition, GOIC experts delivered a detailed presentation about the achievements of the second phase of the study and its objectives; increasing GCC non-oil exports and expanding its geographic distribution, boosting SME's contributions to industrial non-oil exports, guaranteeing national legislations and policies aiming at developing GCC industrial non-oil exports, developing national institutions to promote, finance and guarantee industrial non-oil exports, maximizing the benefit from international trade agreements by using their databases and flexibilities to develop industrial non-oil exports and reinforcing GCC countries' negotiating position by increasing foreign direct investments. 

The examination of the strategy focuses on non-oil exports, notably industrial exports including knowledge-based and vital industries. It has been prepared by GOIC experts in cooperation with an external research team. The workshop was also attended by experts specialized in WTO topics as well as representatives of Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA).