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Posted on December 09, 2013

Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa pays tribute to Qatar National Day by displaying unique photographs on the walls of their famous restaurant, Agora. The photographs were generously provided by Qatar Photographic Society, showcasing Qatar’s unique heritage through 12 captivating snapshots of the country’s most admired landscapes.

Among the exhibition attendees were representatives from the Qatar Photographic Society as well as art and photography enthusiasts and members of the press.  The photographs being showcased were taken by aspiring local artists, each shot captures Qatar’s most enticing panoramas, shedding light on the country’s distinctive heritage. The photography exhibition will be held from the 8th – 20th of December and will be exclusive to Agora’s guests from Monday to Wednesday, 6 pm - 11:30pm as well as Thursday to Saturday from 1pm - 11:30pm.

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Commenting on the hotel’s exhibit, the General Manager,Pierre Marie Vasseur, “Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa, gives pride of place to art and culture. Preserving, promoting and uplifting cultures are the key characteristics that set our chain of hotels apart, throughout the globe. The exhibition being held at Agora is a reflection of our commitment to creativity in Qatar, we fully believe in supporting local artists and promoting their work. Once again Grand Heritage Doha has created a unique offering for our guests; we have given them a place where fine art meets refined cuisine.”

Mr. Ahmed Yousef Al Khulaifi, Chairman of Qatar Photographic Society added, “The current exhibition is a joint effort by the Qatar Photographic Society and Grand Heritage Doha in support of aspiring local artists in the photography field.The pictures being displayed have captured Qatar in its most artistic form, unveiling the beauty of the country’s culture and heritage. Onlookers will be introduced to a new experience as they view the country’s most popular landscapes through a photographer’s lense.The Hotel is delighted to be the liaison between aspiring local photographers and art enthusiasts; we hope that visitors thoroughly enjoy the exhibition being held at Agora.”

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The Hotel’s collaboration with Qatar Photographic society focuses on providing aspiring artists with a platform of support in showcasing their artwork, further expanding their horizons both locally and internationally. Grand Heritage recognizes the importance of Qatari culture and aims to continuously incorporate cultural events into the hotel’s activity calendar. 

Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa is part of the Grand Heritage Group, a chain of luxury hotels around the world. It opened its doors in Doha in 2011 and is located by the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence. The hotel has since been an important presence in the hospitality industry in Qatar, both aesthetically and by measure of its services.