Posted on April 16, 2014

GROHE, the leading bathroom fittings manufacturer restated its commitment to ending the counterfeit trade worldwide by extending its warranty on its professional range to 10 years leading once again in combating product plagiarism. These efforts not only serve to uphold the company’s trademark rights but also protect end users and home owners from being sold inferior fittings whose use may even pose a health hazard in extreme cases.

GROHE fights product piracy 1 [].jpgGROHE’s pro-active efforts against product piracy center on a number of countries in the region through collaboration with local government officials to increase awareness on counterfeit and destroy fake products. GROHE has also conducted numerous training sessions and workshops for customs officials to help them identify counterfeit operations, raid premises, seize and destroy the copycat goods. Recently GROHE conducted trainings, workshops and joint searches with customs inspectors and the Ministry of Trade in Qatar. Numerous cease and desist procedures as well as intensive monitoring of trademark applications and design registrations were shared with senior officials to protect brand’s reputation and intellectual property.

“Quality is what sets us apart. At GROHE quality is defined by the highest levels of craftsmanship, durability, functionality, design and convenience of use that is now backed by a unique 10 year warranty” says Simon G. Shaya, GM and President, GROHE East Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa. “We are all on the same page when it comes to protecting our economies and the concept of intellectual property. Together we can achieve important milestones which send a clear message to product pirates” he added.

Quality: German standards for the world market
A key to GROHE’s success is German precision engineering. This is part of the company’s “Made in Germany” strategy: All innovation processes are coordinated in Germany, closely linking in-house expertise in design, development, production and quality control. Responsibility for what the company refers to as its coordinated innovation process is kept in Germany. All German production sites are also closely linked with the three international production operations. This ensures global compliance with the same high GROHE standards and makes for continuous knowledge transfer. 

Going forward, GROHE will not tire in its anti-counterfeiting efforts in order to ensure that consumers obtain products which fully live up to the company’s values in terms of quality, technology, design and responsibility. GROHE now offers the end user a 10 year warranty on products within the GROHE PROFESSIONAL range starting April 1st 2014.

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