Posted on March 14, 2019

A group of six senior students from Qatar University College of Pharmacy (QU-CPH) completed an international internship in collaboration with DeMontfort University in Leicester, United Kingdom (UK). The students were placed in three different community pharmacies, two located in Leicester and one in Glasgow, Scotland.

During their community rotations, students were engaged in a wide variety of activities. Under the supervision of their preceptors, students provided direct care to patients including reviewing prescriptions and counseling patients on the use of their medications, common adverse effects and potential interactions with food or other medicines. Students also performed other pharmacist tasks such as preparing medications in compliance aids for elderly patients, educating the public on the treatment of minor ailments and offering general health checks such as blood pressure, height, weight and body mass index.

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As part of their visit, students participated in community disease awareness and health promotion events such as men’s health, flu vaccination campaign and asthma management including the different inhalers techniques. Commenting on the students’ international internship, CPH Dean Dr. Mohammed Diab said, “Qatar University College of Pharmacy puts tremendous attention on the learning development of its students through providing them with a wide range of opportunities to enrich their experience. Through international collaboration, our students have the chance to gain professional experience and enhance their knowledge. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to learn from their peers and mentors in the global professional community. We are thankful to the preceptors for providing our students with an enriching learning experience.”

CPH Coordinator of Structured Practical Experiences in Pharmacy Program Dr. Monica Zolezzi said, “This international rotation has given our students further understanding on how community pharmacy practice is evolving globally. This experience will surely inspire our students to become advocates in moving forward the role of community pharmacists in Qatar.” Lina Nasrallah, one the students said, “My experience in the UK equipped me with knowledge and variety of skills that will definitely help me start on the professional development path. It also added new dimensions to my future career.”

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May Alasmar, student, said, “Being given the opportunity to practice abroad is a unique, one of a kind experience that made me relish how far along we have come in our pharmacy practice, but how much we have yet to accomplish.” Rawan Mohamed Abouelhassan said, "Attending the International SPEP Rotations at the UK was truly an honor and an unforgettable experience that I will forever cherish. I successfully experienced the role of a pharmacist and became very familiar with the pharmacy practice in the UK, which exceptionally enriched my pharmacy knowledge, skills, and expertise. I am extremely grateful that I was granted this memorable opportunity by the College of Pharmacy.”

Maria Benkhadra said, “Traveling to the UK has been a practice-changing experience for me. Through this unique opportunity, I did not only get to practically apply all that I learned at Qatar University - college of pharmacy but I also realistically learned how significant the role of pharmacists can be in providing integral and thorough care to patients. It will be exciting to apply what I learned in my practice in Qatar.”