Posted on January 11, 2016

Sion Joseph a producer/director who grew up in Qatar talks to us about his accomplishments and experiences working in the Hollywood film Industry and the growing film industry here in Doha.

Sion and his family moved to Qatar back in 2005 where he attended Al Khor International School. From a very young age Sion had a passion for films and what it took to make inspiring stories that moved people in so many ways. After Sion completed his secondary education he moved to New York City to learn his craft and hone his skills as a filmmaker at the New York film academy. Since his graduation from the New York Film Academy he has worked on countless projects ranging from music videos for Grammy nominated singers, corporate films for the likes of Qatar Airways, to narrative films which have been entered in film festivals around the world.

Growing up as a filmmaker 2 [qatarisbooming.jpg

Sion states “I feel that Qatar has a very promising future with film festivals such as ‘Ajyal youth film festivals. Qatar is creating a foundation for the younger filmmakers. When I was growing up here in Qatar there wasn’t a well developed infrastructure for young aspiring filmmakers. I would love to see young motivated filmmakers going around Qatar filming whatever captures their imagination. As a producer I love seeing a project grow from the most basic of ideas to the final film. I love capturing the audience completely, taking them on a ride that makes them think and feel and ultimately enjoy the film that has been such an exciting experience to produce”.

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Sion’s most recent documentary film “Growing up as an expat” which was shot in Qatar follows the lives of a group of expatriates and explores what its truly like to live the expatriate life in Qatar. The film has already premiered in film festivals in New York, Los Angeles and Rome with a positive reception. Sion recently returned to Doha to produce and direct his latest short film “Shell” which will be heading to the festivals later this year. “The film industry is one of the most adventurous and enjoyable industry you could possible be a part of. After all the hard work and the sleepless nights you look back and see the wonderful stories and visuals that have been created for everyone around the world to see”. 

Sion is currently working towards producing his first feature film which he hopes to film both in Los Angeles and Qatar later this year.