Posted on October 11, 2017

Students of Gulf English School (GES) students are getting ahead and brushing up in mathematics through a workshop organised by GES for parents on How to teach your child Math”.

Though the workshops were organized by the school, they arranged for external trainers to support the parents of students who would like some additional support in math. Another workshop on" How to teach your child phonics" was also held recently and was aimed at enhancing reading and vocabulary skills.

Events began on the 25th of September with a Healthy Breakfast Day to raise awareness on the importance of eating breakfast before coming to school. This event was also aimed at promoting the attainment of a healthy and balanced diet. A series of fun-filled activities have been lined up till April 2018 to underline the school’s efforts to ensure a truly vertical curriculum. As part of Reading All Over the World, students will welcome an author who will entertain and inspire the students. Parents will also be invited to come to school and join in the fun by reading with their children during the Reading Tea Party. Students will also take part enthusiastically in the whole school reading snake programme.

Gulf English School accelerates 2 [].jpg

The months of November and December will witness GES' students take part in Spooky Scary Carnival, Week Without Walls, Book Fair as well as National Week. The school has further planned exciting projects that support and promote their values through art! Pupils will learn how to think visually and critically appreciate art. While infants will be practising new skills to create individual pieces during the Art week, IB students will be exhibiting their work during the Visual Art exhibition where the whole school will be turned into an immense display space.

Furthermore, students will participate in the Spring Carnival, Fitness Week, Career’s Fair and Music Concert to be held in March and April. All these programmes are designed to give students the experiences that will inspire them to become caring global citizens. Besides, participating in each of these activities will help students to plan and work as teams, strengthening their teamwork for a common goal of greater good.