Posted on September 26, 2017

The Gulf English School (GES), held an event for children of all grades and faculty members to raise awareness on the importance of eating breakfast before coming to school. The event also aimed at promoting the attainment of a healthy and balanced diet.

Pupils from reception to year 13 students, arrived at school with a selection of healthy food items for breakfast to be served during the buffet in Infant, Junior and Secondary Schools. Underlining the school’s efforts to ensure a truly vertical curriculum, all attendees were enlightened about essential nutrients and food groups. They then participated in tasks that enabled them to evaluate their own food intake and plan a way to make suitable food choices for a healthy balanced diet. Furthermore, they learnt how to use the ‘Eat Well Plate’ to assess if they were making appropriate food choices at individual meals and throughout the day.

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In addition to the opportunity to learn about diet and health, the event provided the pupils the chance to spend social time with their peers over breakfast and further develop their relationships with their teachers. The event evoked good response from the pupils as it generated a sense of community among them and also encouraged them to consider the correct eating behaviours to support their personal health, wellbeing and learning. The two key messages that the pupils took from the event were: Breakfast is essential to fuel the body to learn effectively and maintain good health and food throughout the day must be properly balanced between the 5 food groups to maintain health and reduce the chance of disease.

This was a fun and beneficial event and going by the response it got, the school plans to have a regular breakfast club in the future. 

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