Posted on November 28, 2017

Students of Gulf English School (GES) are getting ahead and brushing up in mathematics through a workshop organised by GES for parents on “How to teach your child Math”. Though the workshops were organized by the school, they arranged for external trainers to support the parents of students who would like some additional support in math. Another workshop on "How to teach your child phonics" was also held recently and was aimed at enhancing reading and vocabulary skills.

At both workshops parents were introduced to the focus area and were then given time to do some hands on activities relating to that area with class teachers. For the phonics workshop, parents received training and guidance from an international phonics trainer, Mrs Coral George, who has worked with teachers and TAs over a number of training sessions in school. She was able to provide parents with a wonderful introduction to phonics. Parents were able to understand more about the sounds of the English language and show they can support their child at home while teaching them and reading to them. Parents were given a number of strategies to help them at home, including vowing never again to teach the alphabet as letters and not sounds!

For the second part of the evening, parents were invited to try hands-on phonics activities so that they could experience what their children are experiencing in the classroom. This was a great opportunity to try out some of the resources that are used in the classroom, including some of the interactive activities used on the iPads to enhance students’ digital learning. "We value the time and participation of our parents at this event as well as that of our teaching staff. Having the opportunity to connect with parents in a relaxed and informative setting is so important and we look forward to being able to put on more workshops in the future," said Geoff Vaughan, Director of Studies.

Parents were also encouraged to make use of the excellent and growing resources that are available in the Parents Firefly section. Besides enabling them to download the presentation slides from the workshop, they could also make use of a wide range of resources to help support their child at home. The feedback survey that parents who attended were very positive about the workshop and how it has helped them to support their child.