Posted on June 01, 2015

Two men, facing each other on a battle ground. Their aim: Win their way to represent Qatar in the Middle East Africa Regional final in Egypt. The battles were tough, the BBoys were battling to be the best in Qatar; the stakes were high. Yesterday night, the Red Bull BC One Qatar Cypher, a worldwide one-on-one breakdance contest that ends in Rome on 14 September 2015 took place in Doha at the Gate Mall. Moroccan Bboy Hamza, who lives in Qatar for years, convinced the three international judges and 200 spectators throughout the night with his skills and will now travel to represent Qatar at the regional final.

“The scene in Qatar has improved a lot since I was last here” Korean Hong 10, one of the world’s best Bboy’s and active member of Red Bull BC One All Stars stated after the event. The other judges Skychief and Tafiq (both from Netherlands) also spoke highly of the talent. To qualify for the Qatar final a BBoy would have to qualify to the top 16 and then win all three battles throughout the night. At the end of the rounds the judges had decided that 24 year’s old Hamza and two time Qatar winner Lil Salah were the two stand out BBoys that would battle it out to become the champion.

Hamza turns Doha upside down 2 [].jpgThe atmosphere was tense and the 200 spectators were ready to witness Hamza and Lil Salah battle it out. The final lived up to expectations with both BBoys throwing down movements showcasing their strength and skill. Nobody in the crowed could stand still during the battle with DJ Spikey Flave from Dubai spinning the beats, pumping up the dancers and getting the crowd involved. In the end, the final decision was with the three judges and they decided that Hamza was the overall winner and he will fly to Egypt and represent Qatar against the best in the region on September 19. The top 16 BBoys in Qatar BBoy Trustor, Jimmy, BBoy KML, Sedo, BBoy Qube, Wefo, MC Hammer, Hamza, Knuckles, BBoy Jad, Ready Eddie, Ali Confuse, Watch Me, Noro, BBoy Kab Kab and Lil Salah gave it their all and showed the crowd what Qatar has to offer!

If Hamza is successful in Egypt, he will then represent the region in the Red Bull BC One World Final in Rome on 14 November 2015.