Posted on May 31, 2018

Hassad, Qatar’s premier investor in food and agribusiness sectors, announced yesterday that it supports the decision to remove from the local market, all products originating from the blockade countries. 

Hassad also confirmed that there are no shortages in the food products, and its readiness to support the local market if needed, said a release. Hassad’s Chief Executive Officer, Mohamed Badr Al Sadah (pictured), said: “We are fully informed of the local market status, and we would like to emphasize that all the needed food products are available in quantities and types that are in line with the market needs, and there aren’t any shortages”.

Al Sadah stressed that Hassad is prepared to take on any mission tasked to the company, by the government in case of any shortage. He also noted that the local products played an important role in stabilizing the local market, after Hassad handed over the food supply mission to the private sector last November. “The private sector companies were highly efficient and successful, in providing the local market with all the needed products, whether through local production or by supplying from friendly countries, well-known for the quality of their products, and with sensible prices” Al Sadah added.

Prior to handing over the food supply mission to the private sector back in November 2017, Hassad was tasked with supplying the local market with strategic food products since the first day of the blockade, which the company successfully supplied from around 10 friendly countries. Hassad, is a fully owned subsidiary of Qatar Investment Authority. The company’s main mission is to identify and invest in attractive assets in the global food and agriculture value chains, as well as build a strong portfolio; through Hassad’s sector expertise, lasting partnerships and long-term investment approach.

source: The Peninsula