Posted on March 09, 2014

HE Dr. Salah Al-Nabit, Minister of Development Planning and Statistics, stressed the importance of employing resources carefully to continue social sustainability for future generations, during a special meeting with Qatar Leadership Centre’s (QLC) “Government Leaders.”

The QLC event, Qatar Policy Seminar, is part of an intensive curriculum for the Government Leaders Program, allowing members to learn about management, policymaking, and government innovation directly from key government leaders.

The participants, including professionals from health, finance, the arts and other fields, were able to learn from HE Al-Nabit’s experience as a prominent contributor to Qatar’s strategic planning initiatives over the years. “An individual who is determined, willing and has the necessary skills, will be able, with God’s help, to be productive in his field of work,” noted Minister Al-Nabit. “He achieves his future aspirations and contributes to the development of his society by setting out his goals and the mechanisms to reach them”.

QLC’s government program participants at the special seminar were able to hear first-hand about the processes behind high-level government initiatives. HE Al-Nabit elaborated on his role in assessing the implementation of development goals among government organizations and entities. 

During the session, the Government Leaders group explored the motivations and strategy behind Qatar National Vision 2030, considering its objective of diversifying Qatar’s economy to secure future prosperity for the country. The QLC participants examined the economic, social, environmental and human development pillars set forth in the national vision. Discussion also touched on the need to balance modernization while preserving Qatari traditions and identity.

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“QLC’s Qatar Policy Seminar was exceptional because it gave us the opportunity to learn how to overcome challenges we face in our careers,” noted participant Aziza Al-Shamari, Director of Administration and Finance Department at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. “We benefit personally and professionally from the vast public sector expertise of HE Dr. Salah Al-Nabit.”

HE Al-Nabit, a former professor of finance and economics as well as a board member at Qatar University, has also served on the Supreme Committee for Development Planning; he was appointed to his current post in June 2013. 

The Government Leaders Program develops the leadership potential of Qataris with proven abilities, while also helping accelerate the progress of the nation toward the goals of 2030 and beyond. Government Leaders Program participants, who hold positions primarily in government ministries and organizations, comprise QLC’s inaugural class of Government Leaders. Experienced professionals are chosen for the 15-month program following a rigorous selection process. 

Qatar Leadership Centre provides two additional programs for Qatari professionals, which also focus on strengthening leadership and management skills: the Rising Leaders Program, and the Executive Leaders Program.