Posted on August 21, 2017

HEC Paris, a world leader in executive education, has announced three Executive Short Programs for the fall of 2017. The programs aim at providing short, 2-day courses on management and finance keeping in mind the demanding schedules required of successful executives.

‘Managing people to create impact’, ‘Decision making in an uncertain world’ and ‘Demystifying Finance’ are courses designed to help business executives and managers keep with the challenges that confront them. These courses will be delivered in interactive workshop formats, to help create an active learning environment for attendees. The courses in management will involve interactive discussions, case analysis, group work and simulations, while the learning experience of participants opting for finance will be enhanced through real and recent case study analyses, individual exercises or group work.

“We at HEC Paris have always sought to offer courses that are relevant to our regional market. Successful people often find themselves confronted by new challenges, as they seek out different responsibilities or tasks. Further developing and learning new proficiencies will help them stay informed in the face of the changing environment. Our Executive Short Programs for the fall have been carefully planned with this purpose in mind”, said Dr. Nils Plambeck – Dean and CEO, HEC Paris in Qatar. “Our programs equip participants with a series of tools and approaches to help them in their role. For instance, many managers underperform right after a promotion. The skills used to secure promotion are not the same as those required to successfully fulfil the tasks of the new role. Through our program in ‘Managing people to create impact’, participants will learn effective communication as well as persuasion and conflict management,” Professor Plambeck ascertained.

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The course on ‘Managing people to create impact’, which has been slated for 27th and 28th of September, will also train attendees to confront uncertainty with accurate forecasting while discovering tools for adaptive leadership. The idea is to help attendees get better equipped to tackle some of the challenges associated with managing others. ‘Demystifying Finance’ scheduled for 22 -23 October 2017, is a curriculum on finance intended for non-financial managers. It is aimed at helping them read, understand and interpret companies’ key financial indicators, in order to develop financial reporting, in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. The teaching focuses on training participants to comprehend and analyze historical and projected figures for decision-making purposes and to hedge against potential risks.

‘Decision making in an uncertain world’ slated for 28 and 29 November 2017, is designed for executives and managers, who are often faced with decision-making moments at the workplace that are weighed down with responsibility and risk. The course revolves around challenging situations that make it stressful for people to make calculated decisions in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. Participants will be trained on how to deal with difficult situations tactfully, by using proven business models and strategic reasoning.

All programs will be held at the Tornado Tower in West Bay – HEC Paris’ campus in Doha, and are open for registration. The programs are also designed – 2 days – keeping in mind the work culture of Qatar, which is flexible to accommodate short-term training sessions of valuable employees.