Posted on January 20, 2019

HEC Paris in Qatar, one of the world’s leading providers of Executive Education, will host  ‘Leading Leaders through Complexity’ Executive Short Program on January 28 and 29, aimed to educate managers on how to become more effective leaders in today’s complex and disruptive business environment.

HEC Paris Professor Michelle Zandvoort, an expert in the psychological elements of change management and leadership training, will lead the two-day Executive Short program that will be held at the HEC Paris campus in Tornado Tower. This program is designed to help senior leaders develop new leadership pathways through innovative learning processes with an in-depth reflective practice. This Short Program provides new insights on how leaders can successfully guide their organization through both evolutionary and disruptive changes, how to ‘co-create meaning’ with stakeholders, and the new ways of leading ‘self’ as well as leading others.

“Today’s managers need to be agile and highly adaptive in order to sustain and succeed in tough times. This fast paced digital era demands leaders who are equipped to take disruptive decisions and lead the team from the front. Our ‘Leading Leaders through Complexity’ Executive Short program aims to harness these qualities and offer them the ways to influence and motivate their team members to drive changes. Additionally, the program aims at enabling managers to discover new ways of building and maintaining resilience in the face of major challenges. Participants will also be learning key concepts and skills to optimize their current leadership style”, said Professor Zandvoort.

Registration is now open for the ‘Leading Leaders through Complexity’ Executive Short Program. For more information: or 974 4454 7467.