Posted on March 26, 2019

HEC Paris in Qatar, one of the world’s leading providers of Executive Education, has successfully completed an HR Knowledge Lab at its HEC Paris in Qatar premises, in collaboration with the Qatar HR Forum (QHRF) and the OD Company under the title ‘Little Lies Lose Big Money’.

The session was conducted by HEC Paris Professor, Dr. Lily Kelly-Radford, an international executive coach and leadership development consultant to clients worldwide. Dr. Kelly-Radford was previously executive vice president of global markets at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), where she led worldwide delivery of executive education in North America, Europe and Asia.

During the session, Dr. Kelly-Radford explored the four ways lying becomes a norm. Participants were able to address how their organizations handle each of the four corporate lying danger zones and helped determine steps they can take to improve their situation. Participants also got the opportunity to consider the role of institutional relationship building and kindness – all of which reduce corporate lying. “The HR Knowledge session was built on the pretext that in today’s business world there are four primary circumstances that create a fertile ground for organizations to misrepresent, distort or withhold truth. It is up to each employee and system leaders to address them and reduce organizational risk”, explains Dr. Lily Kelly-Radford.

HEC Paris in Qatar Knowledge Lab provides a platform for HR executives to network and learn from each other through a series of lectures and workshops led by world-renowned experts in the corporate world. The intent is to create a knowledge community that will contribute to the advancement of talent development for organizations in Qatar and in the region.