Posted on February 16, 2019

HEC Paris, one of the world’s leading providers of executive education, and Qatar HR Forum (QHRF), the CSR arm of The OD Company, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) whereby HEC Paris is supporting QHRF by offering lectures from HEC Paris’ renowned faculty.

The first event with the new HEC Paris partnership took place at the HEC Paris in Qatar. The event aimed at HR professionals, focused on attraction and engagement of Qatar Nationals in the workplace, and included a blend of case studies, the first one presented by Wadha Jaber from QFCRA. It also hosted an intriguing panel discussion on the challenges of Qatarisation and the tools to overcome this, which was moderated by leading personalities including Dr. Khalid Al Horr, CEO of Qatar Finance & Business Academy; Alexis Al Qassmi, Founder of The OD Company in Qatar; and Khalifa al Salahi Director of academic affairs and operations QFBA. The panel discussion was facilitated by Mohammed Arif, Qatar Financial Centre.

A roundtable on ‘Research Qatarisation Challenges & Solutions’ focused on the real challenges and provided ways to overcome them. It also threw light on the crucial role of QHRF to support Qatarisation in Qatar, moderated by Mohamed Arif and Birgit Narayanan, Communication Specialist at QHRF. In addition, Rawan Sadideen from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) delivered a presentation on Qatar Digital Government Training Program (QDGTP), a strategic initiative developed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications to boost the professional capacity of government IT employees with specialized and accredited training. QDGTP presented as well two custom-designed programs by HEC Paris in Qatar for MoTC, IT talent targeting fresh IT graduates with 0-5 years of experience, and CTO Training program for chief technology officers and IT directors.

HEC Paris in Qatar signs MoU 2 [].jpg

Dr. Nils Plambeck, Dean & CEO of HEC Paris in Qatar, explained: “HEC Paris is deeply honored to partner with Qatar HR Forum to promote the coherent value of human resources in the organizations and augmenting the HR acumen of upcoming youths on the changing global landscape. By virtue of providing thought-provoking lectures, leading faculty of HEC Paris in Qatar will support QHRF in the long run. We therefore look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership as we both aim to develop successful programs for business executives in Qatar in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030”.

“The QHRF is delighted to partner with HEC Paris in Qatar in moving the forum to the next level. We look forward to HEC Paris’ support through the provision of lectures and embark on our vision of supporting HR Professionals in Qatar and promoting HR as a profession. The unwavering support extended by HEC Paris in Qatar will be invaluable in shaping the current and future HR professionals and achieving the vision of a knowledge-based economy in tune with Qatar National Vision 2030”, Najat El Mahdy, Chair QHRF, said. 

The Qatar HR Forum (QHRF) was established by Najat El Mahdy in 2014 as Chair, and Caroline Parsons Vice Chair, with the vision to support HR Professionals in Qatar and promote HR as a profession. Since then, they have had international and local speakers to showcase HR International Best practice with the concept to share Qatar best practices in HR and to bring new ideas and inspirations to Qatar HR professionals.